I learned how to make story telling fun and exciting.

-YDI Workshop Participant
"I loved all the different ideas about story telling Natalee gave us." - workshop participant

Professional Development

Jim and Natalee instruct teachers in methods of storytelling and shows the links between storytelling and literacy skills, voice techniques, story development, imagination and listening that are essential for every participent.

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Workshop Topics

Preparing and Developing a Story
Hear how scenes are adapted to stories, how to choose and develop your own story, and more.

Parts to a Story
Learn how story parts correlate with listening skills

Voice and Sound Effects
Discover how pauses, voice inflections, and sound effects (to name a few) can enhance your storytelling or story reading time.

Involving Children
Be trained in holding children's attention in storytelling or readings. Finger plays and songs for age-appropriate classes are included.

Learn how to handle and include puppets in your classroom. Natalee has a wide variety of paper puppet ideas for post-story activities.

Learn history with characters like Dollie Madison, Martha Washington, and Esther of Purim

Topics include:

  • Home Safety
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Personal Safety

...and More!
Besides learning of storytelling and puppets, Jim and Natalee have more workshops for adding to your theme curriculums. One of their favorites to share is the theme of "Life on the Prairie." Children can be introduced to a hands-on American History environment while learning of family life as well.