Natalee and Jim Ganyon

Home page image and highlights of hosted by Natalee and Jim Ganyon serve as: Historical Reenactment Directors. Educational Storytellers. Historical Storytellers. Authors. Actors. Puppeteers. Instructors. Advisors. Program Producers.

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Natalee and Jim Ganyon

Natalee and Jim met after the passing of their spouses and felt an immediate connection—both personally and through their shared love of puppetry. In 2016, they married after meeting online, discovering their mutual love for puppets and devotion to God.

As retired teachers, Natalee and Jim have a deep passion for working with young people. They continue to serve their community by volunteering their services and programs, offering Educational Storytelling and Historical Storytelling across the state. Their dedication to sharing their passion and creativity is unwavering, and they deeply appreciate any donations for gas and expenses to help them continue their mission.

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Michele Belden | LIbrarian: Central  Elementry School
Michele Belden | LIbrarian: Central Elementry SchoolLyons Kansas
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“I couldn’t believe the day I first met Natalee & Jim Ganyon! Their storytelling knocked me off my feet. I especially loved the stories with Spanish. Kids see live puppets. They LOVE them. .
Heather Yates | Kindergarten Teacher, Nickerson Elementary School
Heather Yates | Kindergarten Teacher, Nickerson Elementary SchoolNickerson, Ks
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“My para couldn’t stop talking of the class response. So much learning, even math & sequencing.”
Ms. Tapia | Spanish Tutor
Ms. Tapia | Spanish TutorLyons Ks
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Natalee is a storyteller and author of immense talent. She has graced our Children’s Spanish Language Group on occasion. The kids were thrilled to read and listen to Natalee’s retelling of traditional Spanish folk talks. She is a natural with both the written ad spoken word What an honor to have such a talented local author.
Morgan Penner | Headstart Teacher, McCandless
Morgan Penner | Headstart Teacher, McCandlessHutchinson, Kansas
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The Ganyon's have brought the art of storytelling to life with their monthly visits. Students look forward to the puppet adventures and storytelling. Excited to share the books with my students.
Mrs.Barkow's Kindergarten, Eisenhower Elementary
Mrs.Barkow's Kindergarten, Eisenhower Elementary Great Bend, Kansas
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Natalee, Thank you so much for coming to our class! We hope to have you back in the Spring.